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If we find it interesting, we feel that you might, too! The Possum's Pouch is where you'll find things that we run across and want to highlight for you. Interesting articles from the Rock/Country/Metal worlds, news stories that catch our eye and some funny stuff! If we think it's worth sharing, we'll add it right here, inside the Possum's Pouch!

My Heart Will Go On Music Mash-up
Not exactly our normal song type, but we've heard worse!

New Ted Nugent Album!
"Uncle Ted" has released a new album with some great music! Classic Ted Nugent, Detroit Muscle's first single, "Come and Take It," taunts the government with lyrics like "No more kings, no tyrants; No more jackboot thugs; We will unleash violence; For the freedom that we love." The full album is available for download on Apple Music, or pretty much anywhere you stream your tunes! (Click Alum Cover Above to read the story from Rock Cellar)

New Journey Album!
Journey releases 'teaser' single from new album "FREEDOM." "You Got The Best Of Me" is first single and you can hear it on The Possum! 
(Click Album Cover below to read the story at Rolling Stone!)

Skrat Finally Gets His Acorn

Blue Sky Animation Studios, makers of the “Ice Age” movies, are closing. Their final video: Skrat finally gets his acorn.

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