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Have you ever wondered who the people are behind the voices you hear on The Possum? Well, wonder no more! Here's everything you want to know, (and probably more!), about the People behind the Possum!


James Bartle, Co-Founder/Owner; Co-Host - Bill & Jim in the Morning; Seasonal Host - The Aquanet Hour; Ad Sales; Voice Actor; Character Voices; Copy Writer; News: 

James "Jim" Bartle began working in radio as a teenager at a local country station in the late 1980's. 

Throughout the late 80's and into the early 90's, (never one to sit idle), Jim was also the lead singer and frontman for a popular 80's Rock Band, (Hysteria), later signing with a small label as a solo Country artist and working as a reporter and advertising sales executive for the Sullivan Independent News and starting his own DeeJay company, (Hysteria Sound). In 1990, Jim left the country station for a position at a much larger rock station in Rolla, Missouri, where he remained until his other ventures grew to the point that he had to leave radio behind.

In 2016, Jim partnered with close friend Bill Little to launch the "Bill & Jim Show," a live morning show via Facebook Live, which lasted for nearly a year, through 208 episodes, before both connection & medium failures and repeated Facebook Jailtime from overly-aggressive censorship eventually proved the platform incapable of hosting a comedy/entertainment broadcast.

Today, Jim is the Owner/Operator of the Sullivan Independent News & New Haven Independent News Newspapers; Bartle Lawn Service; Hysteria Sound DeeJay & Photo Booth; Bartle Commercial Cleaning Service; Sullivan Printing; and Missouri Possum Radio. He has also held and continues to hold many volunteer positions, including the Sullivan Fire Protection District Fire Board and he was recently elected to the Sullivan School Board. He lives with his wife and two youngest daughters in Sullivan, Missouri and is a proud father and grandfather.


William "Bill"  Little, Co-Founder/General Manager; Co-Host - Bill & Jim in the Morning; Guest - The Iron Turntable; Voice Actor; Character Voices; Copy-Writer; Comedy Writer:

William "Bill" Little began working in Radio at a local Country Music Station in 1990. 

Throughout the early 90's, Bill continued to rise in a radio career, while also transitioning between Graphic Arts, then eventually Sales at his family's Commercial Printing companies and a Sales Position at a large Motorcycle Dealership, (Little grew up racing motocross and hare scrambles).

In 1995, however, he decided to focus solely on radio, returning to a 10,000-Watt FM Country station reaching roughly 20% of the St. Louis market. Teaming with an overnight operator there, the team created "The Morning Round-Up," eventually drawing a two-share of St. Louis marketshare numbers, unheard of for a station reaching such a small percentage of a metropolis. from 1995 to early 1997, Bill also did stand-up comedy, initially opening at many clubs for his friend, Steve "the Scream" Pollard.

Following announcement of ownership changes of the station, Bill ultimately left to build a multi-line motorcycle dealership with some friends. Eventually That creation, Unique Powersports, ultimately grew to become a DealerNews Top-100 Dealer and a Top-25 Retailing Suzuki Dealer.

Also during the 2000's, Little was offered a position as a monthly Feature Columnist with Motorcycle Product News Magazine. In 2008, he wrote his first book, "MEXICAN BOWL FISHING: And Other Tales of Life," which received solid, 5-star ratings on Amazon, as well as Barnes & Noble and Borders Books. He's remained involved with writing and plans to release his next book in time for the 2022 Christmas Season.

After selling his dealership and partially retired, Bill remained busy with various projects for a few years; he ran a resale store, a liquidation business, teamed-up with old friend Jim Bartle to create the "Bill & Jim Show" Facebook broadcast, became an auctioneer and ran an Auction House, but upon selling his building, Bill decided to return to his radio roots. 

Once again joining forces with Jim Bartle, the duo created Missouri Possum Radio and launched it with the flagship morning show - Bill & Jim in the Morning.

Bill is a father of 3. He and his wife Beth reside on their farm outside of Stanton, Missouri with their dogs, cats, horses, donkeys and the world's biggest jerk-of-a-goat, "Billy."


Mark Hilse, Sales Manager; Voice Actor; Frequent Guest-Host - Bill & Jim in the Morning; Character Voices; Copy Writer: 
Mark Hilse is a Veteran of the U.S. Navy; a seasoned Advertising Sales Executive; an accomplished, multi-instrument musician and a professional Rock/Country Bass Guitarist. In the late 1980's, Mark was a member of Jim Bartle's band, "Hysteria." 

decades-long Advertising Account Executive with the Sullivan Independent News, Mark has been one of Jim Bartle's closest friends for the past 35+ years. Following Hysteria, Hilse continued to play music, getting the opportunity to play for long stretches as a member of several popular Midwest bands. Currently the Bass Player for Cricket Alley, Hilse can be seen hamming it up on stage at popular venues throughout the Central Midwest most weekends, including frequent appearances at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Mark's sense of humor and willingness to cut-up like a teenager makes him a crowd favorite, but also a beloved father and grandfather, friend and a valuable part of the Bill & Jim in the Morning team! Hilse provides the voice to many characters who frequently appear on the show.

Mark resides in Cuba, Missouri and is the Sales Manager for Missouri Possum Radio and The Sullivan and New Haven Independent News newspapers. He can be reached for advertising sales at (573)468-6511.


Cindy Peters, Morning News Director - Bill & Jim in the Morning; Voice Actor: 

Cindy's passion throughout life has been music. Her unique voice and ability to play guitar have given her the ability to pursue that passion, playing small venues and church events.  

Cindy's passion throughout life has been music. Her unique voice and ability to play guitar have given her the ability to pursue that passion, playing small venues and church events.  

Cindy joined the Possum Team as our Morning News Director at the start of it all in 2020; something that she considers to be one of her most cherished life experiences.

Cindy also works as a registered financial professional at a major financial services firm and truly loves helping people. She holds an M.B.A. as well as Series 7 and 65 Securities Licenses and Life, Health, and Variable Insurance Licenses.  

Prior to her current career, Cindy spent many years with Chrysler Corporation working as an Accounting and Payroll Supervisor. She lives outside of Sullivan, Missouri, where she enjoys reading, going to Table Rock Lake, spending time with her nieces, singing and playing guitar. Cindy says she's always looking for her next "gig.”

 Beth Little, DeeJay - Weekdays 9AM to 2PM Central; Voice Actor; Character Voices: 

Being Bill's wife makes Beth a Saint. Hearing her makes her an Angel. Beth is a 1999 graduate of Bourbon High School and holds a BA in Business Accounting from Hickey Business School. 

Beth runs her family's company that makes a popular mole killer in Stanton, Missouri and thought her life was getting easier following her husband announcing that he was going to partially retire in 2020. She'd expected him to focus on the family farm and finally catch up on the long-overdue "Honey-Do" list he'd accumulated over time. Imagine her surprise when he came home telling her about the radio station that he and Jim were suddenly building!

True to her saintlike nature, she not only supported him, but also agreed to DeeJay! (Bill's got it far too easy!)

Beth can be heard weekdays, right after Bill & Jim in the Morning!

J.D., Possum DeeJay - Weekdays 2PM to 7PM Central:

J.D. is somewhat of a mystery. Depending upon when you hear him, he may be live, or he may be a recorded voice, but one thing's for certain ... the voice came from the vocal chords of this mysterious D.J. at some point!

Operating from a remote studio and beginning during the height of Covid lockdowns, we can't think of a single time when any of us have even seen him. We've seen his résumé, however, and it's impressive. We've also heard his delivery and it's equally as nice. 

And so, we simply live our lives just as you do ... hearing a disembodied voice coming through the speakers, playing our favorite tunes and keeping us company, though we have no clue to whom that voice actually belongs. Just a faceless person named simply, J.D. 

Wait a minute ... isn't "J.D." just "D.J." spelled backward?! Man, this guy's even more of a mystery now!

 Carmen Ball

Carmen, Possum Deejay - Weeknights, 7:00 to Midnight; Voice Actor; Character Voices:

The nighttime voice you know as "Carmen" is that of Carmen Ball, a long-time employee and former Office Manager of Sullivan Independent News. 

With a background that includes telemarketing, as well as a job answering phones for a Specialty Call-In service, we knew right away that she'd be a natural on-air. Besides, you really couldn't pick anyone with a better voice to guide you through the nighttime hours! 

Catch Carmen weeknights, only on The Awesome Possum!

Kevin Ijames, Host - The Iron Turntable Sun 6PM to 7PM:

Host of the Iron Turntable, Kevin Ijames fell in love with music at age 6, idolizing Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. in fact, he attended his first live concert, (Johnny Cash), at age 8. In his early teens, he progressed to Easy Listening Rock, (like the Eagles), and then found Ted Nugent and REO Speedwagon. Eventually his musical tastes shifted to more aggressive bands like Rainbow, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Van Halen and Rush. The aggressive style, combined with complex lyrics and song structure spoke to him and he became a huge fan of the progressive metal that those bands were giving birth to at the time. 

By the mid-80’s, Kevin was introduced to Iron Maiden and later Metallica — since that time, he’s never looked back!

A 1983 graduate of the University of Missouri - Rolla, (now Missouri S&T), holding a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering; a long-term employee (since 1977) of his family’s business, (ACE Manufacturing), and President and CEO of  both ACE and Rokwell Industries, Kevin is a smart guy who not only loves music for the way it makes him feel, but also because it makes him think. He loves to interpret lyrics and find the obvious, as well as the hidden meanings within an artist’s song. He describes himself as a nerd who loves Heavy Rock because it puts him in a place of contentment!

A man who has attended, (and thoroughly enjoyed), more concerts in his lifetime than anyone we know, Kevin doesn’t just play 40-year old music on the Iron Turntable. He also adds newer music from bands like Five Finger Death Punch, Nightwish and Sabaton. Plus, with bands like his favorite Iron Maiden continuing to push the boundaries with new, relevant music, the Iron Turntable has something for everyone who enjoys any facet of Hard Rock or Heavy Metal.

As Kevin himself describes it, “Hard Rock is my escape from the grind of everyday life. It’s such an important and emotional part of my life.” 

It’s that love and devotion that you’ll find each Sunday night at 6:00 Central when the Iron Turntable airs, hosted by the show’s creator, Kevin Ijames!

Rachel Brake-Shoemaker, Frequent Guest-Host, Weekly Contributing Team Member - Bill & Jim in the Morning; Voice Actor; Character Voices; Weekend and Fill-In DeeJay:

Rachel Brake-Shoemaker is a Realtor® and runs the Coldwell-Banker, Reeves Realtor Office in Sullivan, Missouri.

Mother to 3, Rachel does gobs of volunteer work throughout the community, heading the General Wm. S Harney Mansion Foundation, a position on the Chamber Board, Downtown Beautification, and so much more! 

Initially invited to be a part of the Bill & Jim in the Morning cast because of her sense of humor, Rachel quickly became part of the Possum Family and is now looked to as one of the most-valued of the crew. Her contributions to the show are limited to a single weekday throughout most of the year, but it's that Friday show with all of the players present that many look forward to each week!


Blake "The Intern" Hinch, Intern & Guest-Host - Bill & Jim in the Morning; Seasonal Host -Under the Covers with Blake; Voice Actor; Character Voices:

He used to make subs, then he worked here. Now he works here and makes subs, as well as deejaying for Jim Bartle's "Hysteria Sound" DeeJay Service. 

Blake is 28 years old, has an extensive music knowledge, an amazing sense of humor and quick wit. His creation - "Under the Covers with Blake" aired on Friday nights during the Fall and Winter months of 2021on The Possum and will hopefully return to the airwaves on a more permanent basis sometime in 2022.

Currently, Blake can be heard most weekday mornings as part of the Bill & Jim Show team ... as long as there's no snow.


Brian "B-Dawg" Beckett, Guest-Host and Weekly Contributing Team Member - Bill & Jim in the Morning:

The owner of two Valvoline Express Care locations, (Sullivan, Missouri & Rolla, Missouri), Brian "B-Dawg" Beckett was asked to join the show due to his friendship with the team and his crazy sense of humor. 

A self-proclaimed "Good Old Boy," Brian couldn't pass up the opportunity to joke around with the gang, so he agreed! "Brian has never met a stranger" is a quote from Bill & Jim co-host Bill Little, when asked about his friend, indicating that he's a super-likable guy and quickly becomes friends with everyone he meets.  

Though we represent him as a total "Playa," B-Dawg is a country boy-turned businessman and just as "down-to-Earth and no-nonsense" as they come! You can catch Brian most Friday mornings on the Bill & Jim in the Morning show ... unless it's hunting or fishing season. Then it's hit and miss until he's "tagged-out" for the season!


Damon "Lil' D" Berti, Guest-Host & Weekly Contributing Cast Member - Bill & Jim in the Morning; Voice Actor; Character Voices; Weekend & Fill-In DeeJay:

Damon "Lil' D" Berti has been a longtime friend of Bill & Jim. In fact, Bill has been good friends with both sets of Lil' D's parents since D was a "lil' pipsqueak," so when he asked D to join the "Roadkill Morning Crew," (as we initially called it), the D-Dawg jumped at the opportunity.

D grew up racing motocross, sponsored for a time by Bill's former company, Unique Powersports, under the tutelage of this step-father and former Motocross Expert and Mickey Thompson Arena ATV Racer Mark Coffman, (who is the Owner/Founder of Coffman Outdoors). 

Since then, his painting business has more than tripled in size and Lil' D sadly doesn't have as much time to come "play on the radio" as he'd like. Besides, he's getting married soon and he's already got more kids than Jerry Lewis, (get it? Jerry's Kids!), so his busy schedule is understandable.

But, Lil' D is forever a member of the team and probably the most aggressive promoter of The Possum there is! So, if you're ever on the street and a strange guy comes up, grabs your phone and starts downloading our App, just say "Hi Lil' D!" because it's probably him!


Natalie "Weather Diva" Lambing, Guest Team Member - Bill & Jim in the Morning:

Sadly, our Weather Diva disappeared long ago. Well, she didn't really disappear ... we know where she is, but her schedule has drastically changed and it's no longer a matter of waking up early enough to be on the show. Instead, it's a matter of her rushing off to work a real job, (they grow up so quickly!)... we think. That, or she's been sleeping-in and just telling us she's working for the better part of the past year. (We really don't know).

In any case, Natalie is Jim's "little sis," so she's part of the family, even when she's not here. That said, we do miss her, so we secretly hope she gets fired from her other stuff so we can have her back! (We're actually plotting behind her back to figure out a way to get her fired. We'll keep you posted!) 


Michael "Riggs" Reigner, Show Guest-Booking Agent - Bill & Jim in the Morning

In 2016, Michael "Riggs" Reigner found the Bill & Jim Show podcast on Facebook Live. A former Paramedic and Stand-up Comic, Riggs reached out and offered to help by booking comedians who he knew on the show. 

Move ahead 4-years and Riggs found himself being called upon by Bill & Jim, asking if he could find national guests for their new show on their new radio station. Frankly, none of us know what was going through his head when he agreed, but now, two years later, he's booking the biggest names imaginable for the duo's National Morning Show and keeps being pressured to find more! (And still without pay!)

Chris Hopwood, Office Manager at Sullivan Independent News (next-door); Voiceovers; Occasional Guest; Target of Phone Pranks.

Like most of the staff at our parent company, (Sullivan Independent News), Chris wasn't sure what to think when there was suddenly a radio station being built in part of the building. She was likely even more concerned when music came blasting through the walls at extremely high volume. And, perhaps the biggest source of worry was when the prank phone calls started happening!

But, she's taken it in stride. Chris has even been known to fill-in on the show every now and again, (for short times). In fact, she's even beaten Jim in the Birthday Challenge! Of course, he'll never admit that.

Casey Hopwood, Manager at Sullivan Printing (next-door+1); Voiceovers; Target of Phone Pranks.

Perhaps one of the funniest phone pranks we've pulled was Bill calling The Independent and getting an unsuspecting Casey, then pretending to be an elderly man who is trying to get the phone number for the Newspaper, (where she was and he had just called!) 

To hear that prank, click here: Casey Get's Pranked!

What's better, Casey is naturally as sweet as can be, so when she's the target of phone pranks, she's ... well, let's just say, "an easy target!" Casey can also be heard on occasional commercials.

Sylia Walka , Graphic Artist at Sullivan independent News and Sullivan Printing (next-door and the next-door-after-that); Commercial Voiceovers; Occasional guest appearances; our go-to whenever we can't figure out computers or social media; would NEVER fall for a phone prank!

A talented Graphic Artist, Sylvia tends to get bugged by Possum personnel anytime there's a computer problem we don't understand, an ad layout we need help with or a social media thing to do. (The ad layouts she understands, but wonders why we think she knows anything about iT or computer repair. Heck it makes sense to us ... she's younger than us!)

Affectionately known by Possum staff as "The Giggler," we always know when Sylvia is in the office nextdoor, because her infectious and hilarious giggle is non-stop and can be heard by astronauts aboard the International Space Station. (We think).


Okay, Technically there's only ONE Mo Possum, but like many of us, he does have several Alter-Egos. Unlike many of us, his Alter-Egos appear as visibly different Possums, not just as voices in his head. (What? You don't have voices in your head? No? Forget I said anything).

Mo Possum "The O/G," The original Missouri Possum Mascot!

Okay, what's with the 2-finger salute? We've had people ask if it's a V for victory, a peace sign, why isn't it the Rock On ?? horns? 

Mo Possum holds up the Number two for a few reasons. First of all, it was Bill & Jim's second opportunity for the Bill & Jim in the Morning Show. Secondly, it's the guy's second chance to pursue the radio careers they'd left behind long ago. And thirdly, it's the second time that Bill wanted to use the Possum name for a radio station, (the first was when he and friend/former station PM at KLPW Radio had planned to team up and purchase a dark FM in the early 1990's. That deal fell through, but Bill was eager to jump on the name again as soon as this opportunity came due!)

Country Possum, Country and stuff

Country Possum, blah, blah, blah ...

Hairband Possum," The original Missouri Possum Mascot!

Hairband Possum is going to be updated later because my wife is making me go home.

Metal Possum, 

Metal Possum is going to be updated later because I have to leave.

"Hip-Hop" Possum, Representing for 80's hip-hop like a Boss!

Mo's Hip-Hop psyche is all about the 80's Urban Hip-Hop Rage! His favorite Artist? MC Hammer. (Yeah, we were surprised, too!)

The Possum

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