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Two Old Radio Guys, One Big Dream ...

Missouri Possum Radio is a 24-hour, App and Web-based Streaming, wide-variety rock-and-beyond station that is the home of the legendary Bill & Jim in the Morning radio show. Now closing in on 100,000 total dedicated fans, The Awesome Possum continues to grow rapidly. 

Two former FM DeeJays from the 80’s and 90’s, Bill Little and Jim Bartle went on to individual successes in other fields, only to settle back to their roots come middle age.

At the forefront of the Social Media broadcast movement, the duo teamed up in 2016 with their first stab at a daily morning drive broadcast using Facebook Live! as their format.

A year later, and tired of Facebook’s ridiculous Big Brother oversight, the boys stepped away to seek out a better platform vehicle for their show. After initially considering the purchase of their own terrestrial FM station, the pair ultimately settled upon the less-regulated and fast-growing medium of App-driven Streaming Radio. In 2020, they launched Missouri Possum Radio! 

Missouri Possum Radio is owned and operated by The Independent News — a Missouri-based media company that also operates two newspapers, a printing and promotional item company and several online media outlets.

With a custom mix of hard-driving music, a taste of local flair and the home of the legendary Bill & Jim in the Morning radio show, The Possum is your source of audio-energy to tackle your day! “If it ROCKS, it’s on The Possum!” 


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The Possum

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